P&I And Marine Claims

Why Use A Commercial Correspondent?

We believe that, as a Commercial Correspondent, Aus Ship can respond to the real needs of P&I Clubs, Underwriters and Shipowners in a cost-effective manner without compromising quality.

Essentially, there are only two alternatives for Clubs, Underwriters and Shipowners in relation to correspondents in Australia.

The first alternative is to list local law firms as their correspondents in respective ports.  Whilst in major casualties lawyers are obviously a “necessary evil”, they are not essential in the vast majority of incidents arising. Likewise, nor are their fees! More often than not, the same result can be achieved in a fraction of the time (and cost) simply by adopting a commercial approach.

The second alternative is to list local agents.  However, whilst they might be highly skilled agents, claims matters are not normally at the top of their list of priorities (they have ships to attend to on a daily basis) and more often than not it would transpire that the agent has very limited claims knowledge.

With Aus Ship, the Club, Underwriters and Shipowners have a third and preferable option.  Aus ship as a commercial correspondent delivers “commercial quality” services and responses to claims handling.  By “commercial quality” we mean that time and effort is concentrated on the salient issues and a fast, effective and practical response is provided to incidents arising.  The aim being to lessen the clients’ claims exposure.

Although Aus Ship has lawyers on staff, the fees charged are extremely competitive.  Aus ship surveyors and correspondents are extremely experienced in both P&I and Hull matters.  However, Aus ship surveyors also know and acknowledge any limitations they may have to their expertise. Accordingly, when specialists are required, (e.g. civil engineers to assess structural damage to fixed and floating objects) they will know who to recommend for instructions.