Marine Surveyors


When a shipowner appoints Aus Ship to attend to a vessel calling in Australian Ports they have access to a vast range of services all under the one roof.

For example, an Aus Ship staff member may be a marine surveyor, a justice of the peace, and a lawyer or paralegal.  So, when attending a vessel they can perform a survey, take a witness sworn statement whilst understanding throughout the legal issues and implications.  Aus Ship surveyors, have a good working knowledge of local and international maritime law and are trained in claims handling so that when they attend to casualties they do so with more in mind that just assessing damage.

Like most surveyors, the Aus ship P&I surveyor is scrupulously fair and honest.  But, he is unique by virtue of his training and outlook and his focus is upon his clients’ best interests.  Whilst his reports remain impartial, he will also consider the legal implications for the client of his conclusions and recommendations.  He will, when required, not merely report on damage but will also provide invaluable assistance in ascertaining the root of the problem or assisting in bringing the problem to a swift conclusion.

Aus Ship Surveyors are also aware of the technical issues relevant to future loss prevention.  This is something many Shipowners now consider as important as minimising claims.